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William Eichler

Professional Bio

Will is the epitome of balance. His diversity in experience ranges from collaborating with the director-next-door on student film projects, to working with major talent such as Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, Sigourney Weaver, Sean Astin, Rob Schneider and Robby Benson (director) on major motion pictures.

In simple terms, Will grew up with photography. At the young age of eight, he was given a Kodak 110 camera, and his alacrity for capturing images has developed into a career. Throughout his life, Will has become known not only for his talents as a Camera and Steadicam Operator, but also for his encyclopedic knowledge of American Military History. Will excels in all walks of his life.

While attending Michigan State University as a law student in 1994, Will worked for a documentary production company specializing in US History programming. It was a perfect match for his interests, talents and passions. And, it was here that he met the Steadicam for the first time—it was love at first sight.

Will trained tirelessly, attended multiple Steadicam workshops under the tutelage of Jim Muro and Larry McConkey, and learned the ropes of cinematography working as an Operator and AC on hundreds of corporate, commercial and narrative film endeavors. His career as a Steadicam operator literally began “in the trenches” of a National Battlefield site in Maryland; during principal photography for a television mini series narrated by James Earl Jones. He now works primarily as a Camera and Steadicam operator on projects ranging from smaller independent projects to major motion pictures, though he has regular opportunities to DP corporate and commercial projects.

Since purchasing his first Steadicam in 1996, Will has gained extensive working knowledge of a broad spectrum of formats (16mm and 35mm Film, HD and Digital Cinema formats) and has earned membership in the S.O.C. (Society of Camera Operators). He is an active member of IATSE Local # 600, Steadicam Operator’s Association and the Steadicam Guild.

From the trenches of Maryland, to the world of major motion picture production, William Eichler combines his experience, know-how, and equipment with a friendly, work first, can-do attitude on each and every project he works on.