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Equipment List

The Steadicam:

BFX II Steadiam
Walter Klassen Universal Backmounted Harness

Cinema Products Elite Series Vest

Steadyrig "Silver Spring" Steadicam Arm

Cinema Products Balance Docking Bracket

Gorelock Docking Bracket

American Steadicam Stand

MS?T No-Tools 3-Axis Gimbal


Panasonic 7" 16:9 LCD Monitor

George Paddock Inc. PRO D-Box II X-Y stage

BFX Super Post

System Power:

Anton Bauer Quad 2702 charger (4 place)

Anton Bauer Titan TWQ charger (4 place)

Anton Bauer Hytron 140 battery (4)

Anton Bauer Dionic 90 battery (4)

Anton Bauer Compact battery (4)

Remote Lens Control:

Preston Cinema Systems FI+Z Microwave Lens Control System

PCS DM-1 Digital Servo Motor (1)

PCS DM-2 Digital Servo Motor (1)

Loonworks Servo Motor lens gear set for PCS motors (1)

Lens control servo motor bracketry and rods (1/2", 15mm, 19mm and Panavision)

SD Wireless Video Transmission:

Modulus 3000 UHF/NTSC RF transmitter

Modulus 2000 UHF/NTSC RF transmitter

Sony Diversity NTSC receiver/tuner
Redbyte Decimator HD/SD downconverter

JAR eyepiece relay lens/Watec 1/2" video camera for Arriflex cameras

Low Mode Brackets:

MS?T VLS Low mode bracket for video cameras

BSF Video Low mode bracket

Low Mode kit for Arri SR I&II

Hill 435 low mode bracket

Hill SR-3 low mode bracket

Other Equipment;

BSF Steadicam Vehicle Mount

AGE Mitchell Hi-Hat

MS?T antlers

Magliner Junior Hand Cart with shelf
Backstage Steadicam Cart

Separate Rental items:

Rickshaw - photos coming soon

Go Pro Kit - Go Pro 1, Go Pro 2, 2x 16GB cards and mounting equipment

HD Wireless Video Transmission: - Separate Rental

BOXX HD/SD Wireless transmitter/receiver - Photos coming soon
Channelyzer Wireless analysis software with PC and Wi-Spy Dongle
AJA HD component to SDI converter